Our signature program will raise more money faster, with no hassles, and at absolutely no cost to you…EVER.  It is simple and completely risk-free.

  • No sliding scale commission structure
  • No pre-purchase of anything
  • No sorting
  • No deliveries
  • No boxing up
  • No deliveries


  1. Hand out menu of courses along with the order sheet and explain the campaign (or we will do it for you).
  2. Have participants sell to the same people they always do…Mom, Grandma, neighbors and at Mom and Dad’s work.
  3. Turn in the payments and order form.

That’s it! We do the rest! 

  1. We mail out the Golf certificates.
  2. We include a thank you card from you.
  3. We write you a check.

We also include another order form just in case they like it so much that they want to order a different one for themselves or one as a gift. And your organization continues to profit from it!

This is called residual sales. You do nothing except collect donations for your organization. Not to mention, you make $49.95 for every sale. That’s right, EVERY SALE.

If your organization sold only one certificate per participant you would still raise more money than most other programs that sell dozens per participant. For example, if a school of 400 students sells only one per student (usually to Mom and Dad), they can raise $20,000.00!

Currently benefiting from this program are: Oregon Junior Golf Association and The First Tee of Greater Portland.

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